Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Fin. Ish. (2015)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Twinned With Ideas In London (2015)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Measure And Push (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Necessary Eyesore Almost (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with No No No (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Open To Suggestion  (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Forty Two Metres Away (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Metaphor For Meta (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 (2013) with Totally Immersive Experience (2014)

Billboard Structure 2 with Audience Development Strategy (both 2013)

Billboard Structure 2 with Dont Feel Too Right (both 2013)

Billboard Structure 2 with A symbol And An Object (both 2013)

Birmingham based Sparrow+Castice launched their partnership with Down Stairs with two new site specific works. Billboard Structure 2, which is exactly as its name suggests – the second billboard structure Sparrow+Castice have made. In it’s first instance it housed the work A Symbol and an Object, a message which has come to exist as something of a ‘launch’ phrase, dictating the trajectory of Billboard Structure 2 and in turn the messages which it will hold. The message has since been changed at semi-regular intervals by both the artists and Down Stairs. The intent of the messages has and will continue oscillate between being irreverent, informative, instructional and at this stage indefinable.

Down Stairs and Sparrow+Castice present these works in pursuit of alternative ways to engage with an audience. These works, located on the lawn in view of the adjacent road, illustrate this intent capturing the attention of all whom travel past Great Brampton House. Sparrow+Castice launched this work with a drive to work on a more ambitious scale and in more sculptural form. Billboard Structure 2 and A Symbol and an Object were the joint first works to be created specifically for exhibition outdoors and have since catalysed the creation of numerous subsequent messages, documented below.

The work of Sparrow + Castice featured at Down Stairs has been generously supported through the Arts Council’s Grants For The Arts funding programme.