Chris Barnes - 'The good thing about sticks is they grow on trees'The good thing about sticks is  they grow on trees
28th January 2012
– 25th March 2012

This show documents the work and thinking of Chris Barnes during the week he spent at Great Brampton House as artist in residence.

“To start, you have a something – a particular kind of thing.  A thing you have found and put in your pocket when walking to the shop.  Not a valuable or useful object like a fiver, mobile phone or set of keys, but more of a non-descript but simultaneously noteworthy type of thing.  Something that caught your eye or arrived in your path, provoked an examination; a gentle kick with the edge of your shoe.

This thing in your pocket is of the particular sort and the kind of thing you often find yourself stopping to inspect.  It is one of those things that seems to exhibit itself in that certain sort of way.  It is not especially out of place or necessarily unalike the other things around it.  It is just a particular type of thing, the kind of thing you have developed a habit, an interest, a ritual for putting in your pocket.”

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