Jonny Briggs: Beware the chickens




A few days in and the learning curve ever steepens. Many a photo has been taken yet my goodness what an incredible project the treehouse looks to be, so have been helping to make it; admittedly just by cutting 11 pieces of wood. At one moment I stood poised with the chainsaw, and noticed the houses curious chickens slowly moving in, encircling where I stood in a near perfect circle and warbling at me with concerned, strained, clucks. Maybe I’m projecting because I felt concerned and strained myself, but they invite me to question what sparked their curiosity? I’m dauntingly reminded of evidence suggesting birds have descended from dinosaurs as I clutch the chainsaw tighter. Luckily Benjamin rescued me from pecking peril and they soon scattered. There’s something about these birds that make me wonder if they’re all communicating to each other about us humans.

The wood cabin is just the peace and simplicity I need at the moment. Being around nature helps reconnect me with me. I’ve so much time to think and be, and the ideas for the work are becoming ever clearer each day. Ahead this afternoon I’m building a new set for a photograph, which involves cutting logs in intriguing angles. And hopefully some wallpaper I made will be delivered this afternoon too for another photograph. Moreso a photograph of a photograph. The house is an inspiration, so much to take in and a surprise round every corner. So many sheep, so many curiosities, and I can’t ever remember eating so many eggs.


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