Offcuts for the Cabin


As part of my residency at Great Brampton House I have been aiming to make a response to Kieren Reed’s ‘Social Sculpture’, the cabin which I have been staying in. Currently the cabin is fairly sparse, populated with a bed, sink, toilet, boxes for storage and some small wooden objects crafted by Kieren.

Taking inspiration from a work by Kieren Reed and Abigail Hunt, ‘Liminal’, I began recycling off cuts of production found around Great Brampton House. The work consists of a set of 52 wooden fragments and a large reclaimed tile. Artists invited to stay at Great Brampton House in the cabin are encouraged to play with these elements, using them as an informal board game without any particular rules. The work is portable, may be expanded by new participants and may be played by any number of people over an undefined period of time.

- Elliott Burns,

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