Adeline de Monseignat has left the building

Recently we’ve had Adeline de Monseignat in residence here at Down Stairs, and she’s written us a rather nice notes on her time here.  So lovely, we couldn’t resist sharing them here:

‘Heaven’ was the first word I tweeted upon my arrival at Great Brampton House, and first impressions did not let me down as the days went by. Where else are you given your own cottage, your own studio and your own bike, all free to use at your own discretion? Not to mention the loyal relationships I have developed with the Great Brampton House chickens, who have never failed to provide me with my daily dose of fresh eggs; the perfect finishing touch to my salads made solely with home-grown vegetables and lettuce. This isn’t just self-sufficiency, this is luxury. In London, long days of making work, drawing, experimenting, reading, writing and researching in my studio get occasionally interrupted by quick tea breaks that come with shortbread. At Down Stairs, they come with short tennis games.

‘Surreal’ was the word I should have tweeted on a daily basis, as the experience of wandering around the property is one of a kind. Martin Miller, the owner of Great Brampton House and the gallery, is an avid antique collector and an artist himself. Abundant inside the house and strewn around the gardens, there are enough antiquities mixed with contemporary artworks to feed your mind for the rest of your stay, and beyond. It isn’t so much that there are cabinets of curiosities at the house; it is that it is a curiosity in itself. So much so that on the sixth day of my stay I was asked to attend a televised Murder Mystery dinner (as one does on a Tuesday night).

All in all, the residency at Down Stairs is one like no other, like landing in Surreal Heaven, with Craig and Dmitri for angels inviting me to Set Sail for Happiness. Just make sure not to get tempted by the exquisite sin of Miller’s Gin.

P.S. I did work hard.   Info and images about my latest works to be found here

The Creapture Project that emerged while at Down Stairs Residency is currently ‘under construction’ and is looking promising. It will involve making creaptures (creature-sculptures) that will ‘live’ beyond the constraining gallery space, inside the homes of people of my choosing, including artists and academicians, for a given period of time. Stay tuned.

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